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    Bullies Upholstery Cleaning service specializes in cleaning all types of upholstery in the Denver metro area. Whether your upholstery is leather, couches, chairs, or ottomans, your upholstery cleaning dilemma is about to be over. No longer will your furniture be stained and blemished by months or years of dust and dirt accumulation. The time has come for Bullies technicians to show you the way to the promised land of clean upholstery.

    Upholstery cleaning with no mess!

    Bullies upholstery cleaning service is no ordinary cleaning service. Our upholstery specialists employ either steam or dry cleaning methods, as needed, to address specific conditions for leather or fabric. Even specialized ottoman or chair fabrics such as cotton, Indian cotton and tapestry can be effectively cleaned without being damaged or discolored.

    Bullies offers a guarantee on all cleaning and workmanship which states that the fabrics on your furniture and upholstery will not be damaged by harsh cleaners or abrasive detergents. This includes leather, vinyl, microfiber and upholstery of all types. Our expert upholstery cleaners are on hand to ensure that your concerns are heard and addressed in short order. Here are some of the many, many advantages of working with the upholstery professionals at Bullies:

    • Fully-trained experts
    • Professionally supervised
    • More years of experience
    • Non-toxic cleaning products
    • Total commitment to upholstery
    • Excellent customer service
    • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • Safe for pets and children

    Whether you have large or small upholstery cleaning needs at your home or business, Bullies can and will exceed your expectations. All of our work on leather chairs, sofas, davenports, recliners, sectionals, ottomans, fabric chairs, and other furniture comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We are Denver’s trusted name in the upholstery cleaning industry. Our reputation is second to none, serving satisfied customers year after year after year.

    Bullies Upholstery Cleaning removes more stains and dirt build-up than any other cleaning service. Our proprietary methods for upholstery cleaning are what really set us apart from the competition. Let us clean your toughest, dirtiest upholstery and restore it to the condition that it was originally meant to be in.

    Let the specialists at Bullies remove all your doubts as well as your upholstery stains. We specialize in treating the most difficult to remove stains including red wine, dark chocolate, gourmet coffee and automotive grease. There is no stain too tough and no piece of furniture too difficult for the professionals at Bullies Carpet Cleaning.