• Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

  • Bullies Tile and Grout Cleaning service uses the latest cleaning technology available to bring your tiled areas back to their beautiful new condition. From providing complete protection of any newly-installed tile and grout, to bringing your stained and residue-coated old tile and grout back to new, Bullies has you covered. The experts at Bullies have unique repair procedures that enable old tiles and grout to be cleaned without damaging the integrity of the material.

    Bullies Tile and Grout Cleaning takes your old grimy, hard-to-clean tiled areas and turns them into surfaces that you would not even recognize, if they had not been in your home before. Tile cleaning is our main area of expertise, whether bathroom or kitchen tiles, porcelain or marble we can get your tiled surfaces looking like new.

    Environmentally Friendly Tile Cleaning

    Our professionals use detergents that are environmentally friendly on every Denver tile and grout cleaning job. Bullies also recycles all the water that is used for little to no impact to your utilities. We make sure that when our grout and tile cleaning service is completed, we leave no trace of water, residue or soap scum. Our cleaning suction systems are of the highest standard in the industry, and use supremely powerful suction. The entire tile and grout cleaning service is built for maximum cleanliness with absolutely minimal impact to the home or office and virtually no impact to the environment.

    Our tile and grout cleaning customers in the Denver metro area choose us time after time for a reason, several reasons actually. Bullies professionals are friendly, reliable, timely, and our pricing is affordable. Regular maintenance and cleaning of tile and grout will make the tile last longer and restore it to its original beauty.

    Bullies grout and tile cleaning service caters to residential and commercial clients in the Denver metro area. We know that if your bathroom or kitchen floor has seen better days or your tiled entryway is starting to look a little too shabby, we can definitely help by repairing, cleaning and rejuvenating the tiled area.

    No matter how old or under what kind of conditions your floor or wall tiles have been in, Bullies offers an effective tile and grout cleaning solution that will revitalise your floors. The Bullies tile and grout cleaning systems will safely remove built-up grime, gunk, and dirt returning your tile and grout surfaces to a like-new condition and saving you valuable time and money. The Bullies cleaning equipment revives and preserves all tile and grout surfaces including bathrooms, showers and counter tops. Our highly trained and qualified technicians will treat your home as their own.

    Remember, Bullies Tile and Grout Cleaning service can protect and maintain your tiles so they retain their original beauty or, if you prefer, we can change their look completely without renovating.