• Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning

  • Bullies area rug cleaning service in Denver, Colorado, is a professional cleaning service for area rugs and oriental rugs of all kinds. Bullies offers superior cleaning for area and oriental rugs anywhere in the Denver metro area. Bullies area rug cleaning service specializes in all types of Persian and oriental rugs, whether they are handmade floor coverings or machine-woven floor rugs. For cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery in Denver, as well as specialized stain removal, and carpet repair Bullies Carpet Cleaning is the answer.

    The experienced professionals at Bullies will ensure that your rug is cleaned right and all the way down to the base pile of the rug. Our specialized rug cleaning service always takes into account how precious and how valuable your rugs can be. We have cleaned Persian and antique rugs that were valuated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rest assured your antique or imported rugs are safe with us.

    Valuable, imported, antique, and hand-woven rug cleaning.

    The cleaning professionals at Bullies have developed a highly-refined and proven method for safely cleaning your rug begins by removing gritty sand and other embedded soil. If this grit is not removed periodically, these granular particles may cause excessive wear and tear, especially where foot traffic is heavy and the rugs are seeing good use. Depending on the location and usage of a valuable rug, Bullies may apply custom rug cleaning techniques.

    Bullies rug cleaning process also removes harmful allergens that many people are sensitive to. We employ a traditional process, which is recommended by rug experts as the best and safest method of rug cleaning. Our process has many advantages over methods such as extraction. Extraction may be appropriate and cost-effective for cleaning fixed, installed carpets but for area rugs we have found that the best results can be obtained for our customers by using our specialized area rug cleaning services.

    Bullies uses gentle, biodegradable soaps, which bring out the vibrant colors and patterns that your rugs were designed to showcase. The gentle cleaning solvents are perfectly safe for rugs with vegetable dyes and although well-suited to hand-knotted rugs, they are equally effective on manufactured rugs. Once again, you will be able to feel the softness of the wool or other fabric knowing that the cleaning process won’t harm anyone in your family, or the environment. You, your children or pets, and the whole world will appreciate your decision to have your rugs cleaned by the experts at Bullies Rug Cleaning service.

    We take great pride in how we handle your precious rugs, treating them with the utmost care and carrying them carefully from your residence or business to our rug cleaning service. Your rugs are truly in good hands with Bullies Rug Cleaning Service. Our expertise is not easy to achieve and is not commonly found with other services. Our customers are continually impressed by the condition of their rugs upon their return from Bullies.