• Denver Carpet Repair and Installation

  • Denver Carpet Repair & Installation

    Carpets are an investment in the comfort and style of your Denver home or office and require proper installation as well as regular maintenance and repair. Bullies Carpet Repair Services in Denver represent a premier solution for fixing those elements of your carpet that have worn down, become torn or frayed. Bullies employs several full-time, certified, bonded and insured carpet repair and installation specialists. The professional, service-oriented team at Bullies Carpet Cleaning and Repair Company offers comprehensive installation services as well as advanced carpet repair services including:

    • Repairing or replacing areas that are badly damaged
    • Repairing frayed or loose ends
    • Re-stretching carpets
    • Repairing water damage
    • Re-fitting carpet
    • Installing/laying carpets

    Professional carpet repairs

    The professionals at Bullies lay your carpet, as it needs to be laid, to fit your room exactly. Bullies carpet installation services include laying the underlay. The underlay is a vital, foundational component of every professionally installed carpet. When laying carpet, the experts at Bullies view a sample of it in the room that it will be installed in, so that you can see exactly what it will look like. Colors can seem different in the lighting and with the surrounding furniture of your home, than the colors looked in the showroom. Bullies wants to ensure you are satisfied with how the carpet is going to look and feel.

    We won’t lay your carpets with wrinkles!

    When the carpet is laid, the adjoining sections and seams need to be correctly positioned so that everything looks perfect. With this positioning in mind, the sections of carpet are not separately visible and the carpet you just invested in is more durable. Bullies will not install seams near windows or in high traffic areas, for this very reason. We carefully inspect the carpet to ensure it is the correct section for the room in which it is placed. Then, during installation, our expert carpet laying professionals will stretch the carpet, as it is being laid, to ensure that it is not over-stretching, and to eliminate any wrinkles or snags.

    Once successfully laid, Bullies Carpet Installation Service ensures that your home or room is well-ventilated so that the so-called new carpet ‘smell’ and any detergent odors are quickly diminished. Then, we vacuum the new carpet to remove any loose strands or fibers. All installs are environmentally friendly.

    Here’s a free tip! When having new carpet installed, consider ordering a little extra or keep the scraps so that you can easily match the carpet in case carpet repair from Bullies is required in the future.

    All of our carpet installation professionals are qualified and experienced employees. When inquiring about our carpet installation services, Bullies professionals will provide you with an easy-to-read, free estimate that explains the exact cost of the new carpet and installation, or repair if you are having repairs carried out. The quote will also include the cost of moving any of your furniture while the carpet is being laid or repaired, if that appears necessary.